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From: Myles Corcoran <myles_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:18:22 +0100

The Two Alexes write:
> > It's surely a reckless thing to do. But Orlanthi weaponthanes
> > are supposed to be reckless, aren't they?
> Wouldn't it be better if the mechanics encouraged this, then?
> Perhaps if magical preparation worked more this way. (As it
> certainly seemed to, for Morden!)
> One ploy that might work is magic that gives one lots of APs.
> If you have APs to burn, and your opponent doesn't, then high bids
> are good (c.f. poker).
> Cheers,
> Alex.

        Just as seems to be the case with spirt fetishes As I recall a fetish can give both an augmentation and extra APs, like a follower. They might be one-use for most animists, but it might explain why those Praxians are so damn foolhardy when it comes to their AP bids (or do I mean daring raids and funky beast-back maneouvres?). I was suggesting to Alex in the pub the other night that Passions (like Hate Black Oak Clan 2W for example) might act like both an augmentation (increased Ability rating) and like a follower (extra APs) for situations where the passion applies.

        More generally, I have the impression that higher APs in combat (or any extended contests) could encourage players to be more decisive in their bids. Small AP pools tend to make for small bids, as you feel loathe to risk the little you've got. Big pools, and you feel you've more to play with. Nonetheless the way the Extended Contest table is set up, unless you've some distinct advantage over the opponent in either APs or target numbers/bumps it's sensible to keep the bids low. The same is true in RQ (and in most games) when opponents are closely matched. The outcome is roughly 50-50. Obviously the conclusion is this: Don't get into fights you can't win. And in HW that means, get your augmentations (preferably with a house rule that beefs 'em up beyond the paltry +1s and +2s most people would go for now), your loaned APs, edges and magical kitchen sinks up and running before taking on the bad guy.


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