Re: Berserk ??

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:31:14 -0700

> Also pp. 42-43 of HW:RiG and a look at the errata for that page. I think
> that Roderick's statement about berzerks fighting below 0 AP is also
> important. Now if Roderick would answer Wulf's question about how a zombie
> (or NPC berserker) with less than 0 AP can bid AP, we'd (those of us on
> this list) probably be set.


Just as a hero can bid AP "up to his starting AP" when low on AP, the below-0 fighter can also use this rule. I think that the mindless undead-type of being doesn't have too many options when it comes to bidding AP, they will always bid a set amount (current AP-1 while above 0; or a specifc number, like 5) because they are basically organic automatons. Where do these AP come from? The magic that animates the corpse (or the magical power from the berserker's god). If you can attack that magic (Humakt's Kill Undead feat, frex) then they collapse.

Some more intelligent ones might be able to vary their "above 0" bids, but be reduced to mindlessness at below 0. If they manage to gain AP and get above 0 AP, then they can be "intelligent" again.

> My house rule is that zombies and berserkers continue to bid as much as
> they want at nonpositive AP levels, subject to the initial ability rating
> I'm still not happy with berserkers who are at negative AP levels not
> transferring AP when losing. I can live with this, to a certain degree, as
> a creepy undead effect, but it bothers me with mortal berserkers.

By the time the Uroxi is fighting at 0-, he is as unthinking as a zombie (to my mind; some might say that he is unthinking *all* the time :-) ), and just as scary. They can't, of course, bid 1/2 their current AP per the Berserk rules (since you can't bid negative AP), but (blue-sky thinking cap time) what if they had to bid 1/2 the absolute valuse (ie, take that negative number and make it positive) of their current AP (or 1, if at exactly 0) - which means that as they drop closer to death, they bid higher and higher. The "deader" he gets, the more frenzied his attacks get. (I can see players telling each other "Don't get near him, he's at 0 AP!" as the berserker staggers towards their heroes)


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