Re: curious personal attack

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 08:40:50 +0800

> > We could clear up 80% of the queries about feat ambiguity on
>> this list by adding less than 10 words to the whole book. Why the
>> hell don't we?
>Fine. Which 10 words did you have in mind? We have a few months to prepare
>the revision.

Add a word or two (or even completely change, retaining the same basic meaning) to the descriptions of Sunset Leap, Snarl Darkness, and any other Feat that people have complained about to make it clearer. Snarl Makes Darkness, for example, or Leap At Dusk - not that these are necessarily the right explanations (though thats what I will be taking them to mean in my game), but just something that is not as ambiguous.

        Personally, I think any feat that leaves a significant number of people scratching their head and going 'whats that about, I wonder?' is too ambiguous - we want to create flexibility, not confusion. Note that here I am not really suggesting that anything change about how Feats in general are presented - this is just the sort of small clarification of the rules, responding to problems found in play, that I would expect from a revision.

        I wouldn't mind a sentence that makes it clearer how to interpret such Feat descriptions as well.


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