Teleporting, Subcults in general, and various tidbits

From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:29:13 +0200

>Wulf wrote:
>> I for one do not like a 'Leap' being used as a teleport...
>You'd prefer Orlanth Adventurous worshippers to have no teleportation powers
>whatsoever, I suppose? Even though this has been a constant feature of their
>magic ever since RQ1 days?

I agree that Orlanthi should be able to teleport, in principle. In practice the D+20 puts a damper on it, but still...

Anyway, why not let them get their teleportation magic from the Mastakos subcult of Orlanth? I mean, I don't recall Orlanthi ever getting Teleport directly from Orlanth, it was always on the list of spells provided by Associated Cults, wasn't it? That doesn't work anymore, and I don't see Mastakos as being a terribly big and important deity anyway, so why not demote him to a subcult?

And while we're on the subject of subcults... Let me see if I've got this straight: if all you want is the sub- or herocult's affinity or feats, the investment of time, effort and money in worshipping this minor deity is 0. If, however, you want a shot at learning its secret, you have to spend 10% (and probably take an appropriate "Initiate of" ability). Correct?

>One of the Characters in the Demonstrators Pack (and, I think in the
>Herobands in Deluxe HW) is noted as augmenting his attacks with his
>"Strong" without taking an action, IIRC

Yes (he is in DHW) and yes (he does get the free augment). But surely this is one for the errata?

>>The example of animists worshipping a spirit for feats on p. 248 of HW:RiG
>>isn't correct. Theists would be offering sacrifice to spirits (misapplied
>>worship) for affinities and feats from that spirit.
>But what happens when animists do their thing with a big spirit?

They get easier (tradition-level) access to some new types of minor spirit, I would assume. At least, that's the alternative I've been suggesting all along. :-)

All those in favor of nebulous feats:
Hey, I've got an idea! Why have feats at all? We could use just the one-word affinity labels and extrapolate everything from there. Of course, some of those names are much too matter-of-fact as it stands, we'd have to change them around a bit. E.g. instead of "Wind" we could have "Breath" or instead of "Travel" let's say "Wander"... That would really get the creative juices flowing!

(Footnote: for those of the wrong generation to have it as part of their cultural keyword, that last paragraph was an example of something known as "irony". It is a method of saying one thing while intending another, and many find it amusing and conducive to lightening the mood. It is generally not mean-spirited or intended to offend anyone.)

praeterea censeo Enhancement Rules esse delendam

Jonas Schiött

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