More enhancement, and animist secrets

From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 11:20:03 +0200

Douglas Seay:
>I think I'll try Complete/Major Success is x2, Minor/Marginal Success is
>x1, Tie and Marginal/Minor Failure is x0, Major Failure is x-1, and
>Complete Failure is x-2. Is this a common house rule?

Judging from the responses on this list, a lot of people are dissatisfied and have come up with _some_ sort of house rule.

>I can see one drawback in that you may find that a lot of folks
>will make marginal successes (if you bid a +2) and this will make that
>sort of agument yield 0 points.

??? Just to clarify: you mean marginal _defeat_ here (and in your following paragraph), don't you? According to Douglas, marginal success is still +1x.

>Jonas suggested a similar approach. I don't know which is best. His is
>consistent, mine makes the penalty dependent on the wanted enhancement.

Thanx. I guess my point boils down to this: if the Ordinary Consequence Chart is good enough for every other type of contest, what's so damn special about enhancement?

Richard Sands:
>b) What are the requirements for a follower of a Tradition to learn its
>secrets? For the Hsunchen it is specified in their special section, but
>for other animist cultures I can find no indication of when the secrets
>should become available.

Know what? You're right, there _is_ no indication. I suppose it hadn't occured to me before to question this, because theistic secrets are so hard to learn and weak that I'd pretty much given up on secrets... But I suppose it'd be either learning Tradition Knowledge up to two masteries or raising three talents learned through integration to two masteries. Probably the former. Either way, easier than for theists. Hsunchen have it even easier with their one-mastery requirement, but that's because shapechanging isn't really a huge secret for them - they're just reclaiming their birthright.

Richard Addy:
>The list of abilities for god-talkers include a couple of things
>everyone gets anyway (initiate of & myths of [god], IIRC) - why?

An editing glitch, I would assume.

Jonas Schiött

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