Re: curious personal attack

From: philip.hibbs_at_...
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 14:27:04 +0100

>>Fine. Which 10 words did you have in mind? We have
>>a few months to prepare the revision.

David Cake:
>Add a word or two ... Snarl Makes Darkness,
>for example, or Leap At Dusk

Those sound dull. Besides, I don't see what's wrong with ambiguity. It happens, I say embrace it. There are at least two very different meanings for "Salmon Leap" in RW history, one was just jumping high in the air from a standing start, the other was the (possibly more mythical) ability to swim up a waterfall. I can well imagine that different Orlanthi tribes or clans might have totally different definitions of what a Sunset Leap is, all of which are based on the same or similar myths. This should, however, be made clear in the rules, that the referee and players are expected to discuss a meaning that their characters and cultures attach to these phrases.

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