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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 07:29:50 -0700

Jeff wrote

> If you require the precise terminolgy then in the
> rulebook it notes that feats always give augements and spells always
> give edges.

Where's this? I believe Charles is correct -- one draft had it, but it was removed in favor of increased flexibility (for example, augmenting with Bear's Strength makes far more sense to me as an edge).

(I too use "augmentation" generically, with "bonus" or "edge" being the game effect. This may not be technically correct, but it's better than two different terms for "bonus!")

Nick wrote

> Another worry: enhancements are all + to hit (augmentation) or + to damage
> (edge); the other part of the trinity in RQ was + to armour points, but
> that's gone. Imagine duelling Rune Lords with Truesword, Bladesharp 6,
> Strength, Coordination... but no Shield or Protection spells! Big edges are
> going to get scary.

Presumably feats like Armor of Woad or Leaping Shield could give you a defensive edge.


> One of my characters (Spirit Talker with Ancestor and Firshalla
> Traditions) already has Shimmer and Body of Fire, and should have
> Tough (from her RQ stats). All those can be protective.

I would not allow Tough to be used commonly in battle as a defensive edge, since it's already incredibly useful as the Final Action ability.


> The 'Initiate of' is the ability of the God talker to initiate someoe into
> the cult.

No -- see p.183.

Another David

> Mile Throw Javelin should be able to throw a javelin
> something approximately a mile, rather than just adding a couple of
> points to your Javelin skill

It ought to depend on the level of augmentation, so perhaps the allowed distance would be based on the magical range table, divided by 5 -- that is, you'd have to achieve the equivalent of a +4 bonus to throw a mile.


> How generic can a fetish be?

My understanding is that at one level they're totally generic -- if you have 5 fetishes, you can switch and have 5 different effects.

> Can you have a hunting fetish, a fire spirit fetish, a combat fetish etc, or
> are they supposed to be similar to magical feats?

What you have is a spirit in a fetish, and most have only limited abilities while out of their home plane. A Jardan battle spirit would be a Hit Hard spirit or a Shoot Great Distance spirit but not both.

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