Re: Digest Number 152

From: david.boatright_at_...
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 17:10:15 +0100

Nick Brooke

>At this point, whether you're "actually" increasing your armour >rank
or increasing your edge with your main ability is kinda moot. >So it probably all works out OK in the end.

>How'd the new players take to the game?

The con is one of the worst I have ever been too it was really badly organized with attendance lower than any previous year and most of the players where apathetic. Only one player had any experience of RQ\Glornatha and only found this out after I noticed he drawn Orlanths runes on his character sheet, this is a couple of hours after I had asked a number of times. I may also have made a mistake in trying to retro fit the Blackspear scenario which isn't really structured as a con scenario. The two must active players where playing an Odaylan (sp ?) and a Humakti. The Humakti did have a good time with his Visage of Death. The key thing with HW seems to be that players defiantly have to come up with what abilities they want to use something I really did not ram that home with them. Therefore if you get vegetable players they are going to be an even bigger problem. One big thing there was two large combats in 3/4's of an hour with lots of magic used, not something I could not do in RQ or Pendragon.

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