Re: Permanent bonuses

From: Mikael Raaterova <ginijji_at_...>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:27:45 +0200

> >
>> > (personally, I liked it when you could have bonuses on your
>> >character sheet, and you could say things like Leaping 15 Leap over
>> >trees +15)
>> I agree. I'm just a little curious; what's to stop you from having it
>> thus nowadays?
>Nothing. However, the aspect of getting a bounus used in limited
>circumstances (and the size of the bonus determined by the rarity of the
>occurance) had been dropped from the game (eg Climbing 2w +10 when
>climbing oaks)

Yes, and a stupid move it was.

> > Having 'close combat' 15 (greatsword +4) is far more preferable than
>> the permanent improv mod when using 'close combat' and not wielding a
>> greatsword.
>This is something I have always allowed, though I may make Close Combat
>and Ranged Combat cost a bit more in the future. It does aptly reflect
>the concept of being very, very good with some weapons. Conversely, not
>having any more than your usual fighting styles and using an improv
>penalty for those you shouldn't know works equally well.

The problem with improv penalties is that when you have only 'close combat' or similarly broad tags, you will always have an improv penalty whatever fighting style or weapons you use. Perverse and unheroic.

>In my group
>and in demos, I've found that the preference varries from player to
>player and over groups as well.
>Remember, peoples preferences may vary from yours.

Sorry if i sounded overly arrogant.

Mikael Raaterova        [.sig omitted on legal advice]

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