Re: Feat names (an immature aside)

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 01:00:05 -0000

> (For anyone who doesn't understand why this is funny: "snatch",
> as a noun, is British slang -- and increasingly American slang, too


> for the vagina. It's not that it's all *that* funny by itself: it
> was just the sheer unexpectedness that got us giggling when
> Thorvald's player said "I use my Snatch Breath feat to weaken the
> invaders!")
> I really do think "Steal Breath" is clearer...
> doug
Shades of Clam Girl! But yes, that's a good joke... We always used Steal Breath, over in my neck of the woods at least. And if you have other questions, some might be answered by the FAQ which can be found in the files section of this newsgroup and on Jeff

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