Subject: Re: Mastery Inflation

From: t.s.baguley_at_...
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 11:43:24 +0100

> From: "Steven White" <fringe_worthy_at_...>
>Anyways, most starting characters start with 3 single masteries.
>So me and my 5 friends are the only masteries in our tribe of 5000?
>I wonder how the chief manages to use his great secret....
>1 mastery, you know that skill. 2 masteries you're good, with either
>massive usage, trainage, or years of experience. 3 Masteries.. you've
>gotten help, or naturally very good. But single masteries are common.
>Going past 10w is less common, but a number of people do.

Yes. Also, bear in mind the area of the mastery. Anything practiced day-after-day is likely to get very good. However, some skills/abilities require teaching (literacy), involve danger (climbing, combat), or rare circumstances. Masteries in farming might be reasonably common among experienced farmers (in their 30s). Literacy in the RW is a good example of a skill that is effectively at mastery - you only fail if you have adverse circumstances.


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