Re: Weapon/Shield Destroyer Feat

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 19:05:25 +0200

Jeff Kyer:

> If you wish to do that, there is an element vs element chart which
> has been relatively serviceable. I've used it in just such a manner
> on occasion.

        Could you please give me the exact reference? Mind you, I still don't have the game, only the initiate draft, so maybe that's why I can't find it.

> Playtest results from a demo down at Hairy T games.
> Quote: WHAT? He blew up my armor and I don't get a save or anything?
> Fuck that.

        Uh? What did you/he mean with "I don't get a save"? He rolls for the weapon! It's an simple contest, but a contest nonetheless. Am I missing something?



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