Re: Two newbie questions

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 17:25:24 -0000

> (1) The rules book lists ranks for various weapons and armour
types. How do
> these interact with offensive magic? In particular, I had a player
> Orlanthi priest) hurling hail down on his enemies: should their
armor help
> protect them in this contest? I ruled no, but...

The rules state that:

"Rurik is attacked by Dabranila, a sorceress who conjures a magical flame to burn him. No matter what its origin, flame is a physical thing, so Rurik can use his Toughness of 17 to contest against it. If his Toughness were only 12, he'd use the standard magical resistance of 14 instead."

I might give the player hero a bonus for his resistance from armour if it was appropriate. Here I would probably go for the rule of thumb that the player could add his armour (including sheltering under his shield etc.) rank as a bonus to his toughness or innate magical resistance.

> (2) How many AP do inanimate objects bid? If a character is
climbing a
> cliff face in an extended contest, he gets the first bid. No
problem. But
> when it's the *cliff*'s turn to act, I'm not really sure how many
AP it
> should bid.

One alternative could be to work out what the difficult parts of the climb would be and then divide the starting AP of the cliff amongst them. If the cliff was say 6w resistance then you have 26AP. Imagine that there are 3 difficult sections to the climb. Dividing the AP by 3 gives 8, 9, 9. Of course if the player did really well then they might make the climb in less. Failure might indicate the player is stuck, falling would be indicated by the player being driven below 0 AP. Use terms like overhang, sheer face with few handholds to describe the problems encountered.

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