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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 09:33:40 -0400

Wulf Corbett wrote:
> > Players get charged by enemy.
> > Combat starts with players throwing a javelin (or firing a ruddy
> great
> > crossbow).
> > Enemies close for hack'n'slash.
> >
> > Usually there is only one 'round' of missile combat before the
> close combat.
> Personally, when there's no way for the targets to shoot back, I will
> run missile combat as simple contests, then switch to close combat as
> an extended (group) contest on contact. However, if they CAN shoot
> back (like with magic), it's just a round of the ensuing extended
> contest. If they get low AP because their ranged combat skill was
> lower than their close combat, they shouldn't have started with
> javelins, making it harder to prepare for melee...
> Wulf

Spend a round prepping your melee weapons. THEN start using bows/javelins.

Or just chuck lighting bolts at them till the problem goes away! I usually allow PC's to start withtheir close Combat APs even if we know there will be a short missile duel (except for the guy who always sits in teh back and hurls lightning bolts) as most of the battle will be fought with close combat. But that's a personal preference.

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