Pavis worship in Prax?

From: Ian Thomson <arkat_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 03:33:30 -0000

related to the last post:

worship of Pavis the deity is limited outside of his city, however Greg described Pavis in our recent discussions as being 'a spirit of Prax'

therefore I envisage that he has some abilities accessible by worshippers outside of the city and its environs

my first idea is that simply his feats are unavailable, only the affinities

he is an unusual city god (just how unusual soon to be revealed) and so might be exceptional in having powers accessible across the whole country

still I think they would be less than in his prime domain

Specific point: work is afoot on the zebra people. if they still worship Pavis, what use would he be to them in their lifestyle evolved on the plains since the fall of the city?

the only magic I can think he would offer would be "Know Direction of City" which seems an appropriate alteration of the "Know Direction within City" magic normally available

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