Re: Me Dazed..

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:51:11 -0700

><< >He can use "Run Away" as his "defensive" move, certainly. He cannot
> >*initiate* such a move, however.


 >Do you by this mean that the defeated guy can't initiate a new/other contest?

> >(don't kill me, I've got a ransom" - start a
> >new contest using your bargain/fast talk/whine vrs their "Homocidal
> >perhaps...)

> This suggest you don't. So, i'm happy. The defeated guy can initiate
> an Escaping/Running away contest with the skeletons.
> >>

Of course, the bit that Mikaal left out was "against intelligent opponents"...

>I think this was the crux of the problem; could I start another contest
>(running away/negotiate/play dead/whatever) or was I skeleton meat (if
>excuse the mixed metaphor) ?. I had this guy, on -7AP, lost the combat,
>dazed, [and suffering a wound from some poison, (oh and smelling badly of
>skunk oil)], but otherwise OK. According to the rules, I couldn't do
>anything; no final action. The skeletons couldn't do a CDG 'cos I
wasn't -10.
>What happened next. It seemed to me that I had lost the contest, the
>skeletons could do do what they had wanted to do (kill me) - the end. This
>would be OK, but why have Coup De Grace rule?

The CdG rule was added because some of the playtesters wanted a way for the players to "make sure of" a downed opponent.

If I were Narrating this then
>no problem, but strictly by the rules in a SoloQuest I thought it a bit odd
>and it seemed sensible for me to have another contest; escape from
>although to quote from the adventure:

>"Once in the melee, there is no backing out."

Issaries's first (unwritten) rule of the game is "Go with the story". The story indicates that you *cannot* retreat from the skeletons. Thus it would seem that you cannot initiate a contest to retreat, nor try to withdraw from the combat once you've made the initial rolls. The skeletons hack you little pieces because they are too mindless to have read the rules.


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