Re: Scorpion Hall

From: Thomas Bagwell <tnbagwell_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:17:24 -0000

I'm with you except for one thing. I thought at 0 AP you couldn't act any further. Do you have to be below 0 to lose?

Ah...I think I have it... when the skeleton swings, if he rolls badly and you roll well, you might rise above 0 AP again. If it wasn't a MKM, the fight would be over otherwise, with the victor looking at his defeated foe. I agree a MKM would remain in cuisinart mode. An intelligent victor could take you prisoner, or attack again to try and get you to the point where a CdG was possible if he was intent on killing you. He takes a chance that you'll get lucky and spot an opening until the CdG point, though.

Do you get to roll vs. the CdG or is it auto-kill?

Tom B.

Tom B.

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