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From: Mikael Raaterova <ginijji_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 23:09:12 +0200

> >RR
>> >(don't kill me, I've got a ransom" - start a
>> >new contest using your bargain/fast talk/whine vrs their "Homocidal
>> >perhaps...)
>> This suggest you don't. So, i'm happy. The defeated guy can initiate
>> an Escaping/Running away contest with the skeletons.
>> >>
>Of course, the bit that Mikaal left out was "against intelligent

Roderick, please. Skeletons don't need to be intelligent in order to be outrun.

> >I think this was the crux of the problem; could I start another contest
>>(running away/negotiate/play dead/whatever) or was I skeleton meat (if
>>excuse the mixed metaphor) ?. I had this guy, on -7AP, lost the combat,
>>dazed, [and suffering a wound from some poison, (oh and smelling badly of
>>skunk oil)], but otherwise OK. According to the rules, I couldn't do
>>anything; no final action. The skeletons couldn't do a CDG 'cos I
>wasn't -10.
>>What happened next. It seemed to me that I had lost the contest, the
>>skeletons could do do what they had wanted to do (kill me) - the end. This
>>would be OK, but why have Coup De Grace rule?
>The CdG rule was added because some of the playtesters wanted a way for the
>players to "make sure of" a downed opponent.

What playtesters, exactly? Personally i have trouble seeing the need for such a rule. If you want to kill a helpless opponent (unconscious or otherwise unable to resist your attempt) who's to stop you? If he isn't unable to resist, i'd resolve it as a parting shot (instead of a parting shot) or a simple contest.

And this 'go with the story' fluff; just because the soloquest is supposed to be extraordinarily lethal, doesn't mean you can't withdraw from a combat.

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