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<< Got to agree with this. I would have thought a Pantheon was a group
 of related deities (or whatever) sharing some degree of knowledge  with their worshippers (Worship xxx Pantheon), whereas the Pavis  deities (etc) are related solely by the geographical proximity of  their local worshippers.>>

No they are not. Orlanth Rex, Zola Fel, Eiritha, Oakfed, Kyger Litor, are all subservient cults to Pavis in RQ2, (sorry to refer to OOP stuff) through treaty obligations. Aldrya and Flintnail are Assosiated. That, essentially is the Pantheon. Issaries should probably be in there as well, but that is even more esoteric. Nevertheless, these deities, within Pavis, DO share a degree of knowledge with their worshippers and a Worship Pavis Pantheon is perfectly reasonable. (note Kyger Litor and Oakfed would be enemy deities)

<< I would certainly not include Aldryami or Uz
 in there, the Prax tribes don't allow outsiders to join their  ceremonies, so I can't see them being in there.>>

Which Prax tribes? We are talking Pavis, not Prax Tribes. The opposite of Prax tribes.

<< Maybe just the

 Theistic, settled, friendly cults could be in one Pantheon, but it  looks more to me like a rabble in the Rubble... A load of diverse  worshippers all vying for space and attention. The gods (etc) don't  look at all related.>>

They are related, they were part of a powerful and large city that is now pretty much a derelict ruin (New Pavis being a laughable little flea pit in comparison to the glory that was Pavis...)

Keith N

I'm sure I should get of this list. A bit Off Topic.

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