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 Obviously I want to know what people think of the City Pantheon idea,  how they think it works, and who they think should be included in the  Pavis Pantheon (and why or why not)>>>

I like the idea, with the condition that it only works like that within the city walls, or some other parameter. Pavis is after all a pretty minor go, despite having all those spells from Orlanth, Zola Fel, Eiritha etc due to pacts made during the foundation of the city.

<< and for the newer residents, even the Sartarites, who have accepted
 Pavis (through the alliance with Orlanth) they are tacitly agreeing  to
 revere Pavis as the ruling spirit of the region (albeit not in the  wider realm). Therefore the newcomers will be enough of a part of the  pantheon idea not to be worthwhile inventing two different rules  mechanics for old and new citizens>>

There is the example of Ernalda worshippers being in the Esrolian Earth Pantheon as well as the Orlanth&Ernalda Pantheon, so I don't see a huge problem. Maybe only an aspect or two of Orlanth might be in a Pavis Pantheon? ('adventurous' at least)

We assume, of course that such a pantheon would be Theist, with any non theist entities (such as Eiritha, Zola Fel) being worshipped in a missapplied sacrificial worship kind of way?

Does Pavis have a mystic secret?
Keith N

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