RE: Re: Augmentation

From: Dave Bailey <dave.bailey_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:58:30 +0100


        What I was trying to say is that attempts at augmentation lead to penalties which mean you play it safe and go for smaller edges/bonus. If you fail you get a penalty, my reading of the underlying reason to implement a house rule was that the price of failure compared to the potential benefits wasn't working for folks. My proposal means that ties and marginal/major defeats don't yield a penalty, only the complete defeat. Lankor Mhy seems to have left me to my own devices, sorry but I hope this makes more sense?


> Not sure what you're saying. My idea is exactly the same as yours,
> except I roll low and use the degree of success, you roll high and
> use the rolled number. Or are you saying you have to roll the numeric
> ability (without masteries)? That would be unfair on a 2W2 ability,
> against say a 17 ability).
> Of course, you may just be commenting on the entire idea of flexible
> augments, in which case I agree, there will be higher numbers
> cancelling out, but still there should be a chance for the
> 'invisible' resistance to win with either of our systems.

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