more Pavic Pantheon thoughts

From: Ian Thomson <arkat_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 10:30:47 +1000


after discussion with Wesley Quadros, and attending to the comments here, it seems that worship of a Pantheon can do little in any case, except in dire emergency

so it seems better to talk of a confederation of deities in the Pavis region, each acknowledging Pavis political rule and social role

There may be pantheon type benefits (ie emergency only) available in the city itself (where the bond is strongest)

but otherwise there is not a spiritual link

I think this solution might actually satisfy the divergent views quite well

I am unable (due to slow modem, slow PC and miniscule HD) to access the Prax Pack HW message list (did yesterday, took 30mins to read 7 messages) nor to receive the mails

so once again any direct replies PLEASE CC also to arkat_at_

(if anyone's already done this, other the D Dunham, it didn't work, so please cut and paste into a seperate mail)

I will probably be able to browse the site from work next week



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