Changing objectives

From: Mikael Raaterova <ginijji_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:30:35 +0200

>Mikael Raaterova wrote:
>> What 'defeat' in HW combats mean depends
>> wholly on what the objective of the contest was and the Narrator's
>> interpretation of the consequences.
>This is my understanding too. It gives an interesting tactic for
>contestants facing defeat: change objective just before becoming
>defeated, as a form of damage limitation.

I'm a bit wary of 'changing objectives'. Do you mean withdrawal from a contest?

If you successfully withdraw* from a contest which you were losing, i'd say it's the same as being marginally defeated; you fail to reach your goal, but suffer no lasting side effects.

If your opponent wants to prevent you from leaving the current contest, then you should resolve it as an Unrelated Action with a simple contest. If you win, you have withdrawn from the contest. If your opponent wins, you must stay in the contest, possibly penalized depending on the level of your withdrawal defeat.

This gels with the following two paragraphs, which the present text in the first paragraph doesn't.

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