From: richstella_at_...
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 13:49:13 EDT

Here, for what its worth is my take on the escaping from a contest thread:

How do you escape from an on-going contest? By winning the contest that you wanted to escape from because you were losing!

How do you do this? By changing your chance of success or edge. How do you do this? By changing your statement of intent such that either:

(1) You increase your Target Number
(2) You decrease your opponent's Target Number or
(3) You decrease both Target Numbers but affecting your opponent more.

For example:

(1) You switch from trying to sing to the audience to telling them jokes
between verses because your Tell Jokes skill is better (why didn't you start with that skill? Maybe you were hired as a singer)
(2) You switch from singing to telling jokes because you know the audience
are a bunch of tone deaf drunkards and will be less resistant to humour than they are to selections from Dara Happan opera.
(3) (and switching models) You switch from your fight with sword and shield
skill (1w) to your Defeat Undead Feat (17) because the skeletons you are fighting will face a bigger drop to defend with their Magic Resistance (14) rather than their Sword combat (15w) (tough skeletons).

Does that help?

Richard Crawley

Feng Shui - the ancient Chinese art of moving the television to the other side of the livingroom.

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