Re: Magic

From: Mikko Korhonen <mikko.korhonen_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:58:31 -0000

>He rolls for his affinity - however, if this is the middle of a
> physical contest in which he was using his close combat, he
> to use his running AP total from his close combat.
> Regards
> David

Ok. Thanks.

Other question: Can Barumar cause wounds with his thunderbolt? Like in "normal" extended combat, bid for example 15 AP:s and then change 7 AP:s for a wound?

Are spells or affinities often used like this? I recall reading from somewhere that it is more efficient to use magic to augment skills with edges/bonus.

Basically the magic system seems to suite me fine, after few fixes for the augmentation(penalties for marginal/minor failure are no more IMG). Thanks for all the answers concerning my augmentation problems a while ago !!!


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