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From: david.boatright_at_...
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:59:45 +0100

>>discrepency of modifiers to rituals between the main rules,
>>which implies that they used to modify the result

>They do? Where? I've never read it like this...

Read the arming ritual example it is quite clear that the bonuses listed in the ritual are applied to the result. This also applies to modfiers for when it is done, e.g. high holy day.

>>and the scenario in the
>>NB p149- which implies that they are used to modify the
>>chances of successfuly performing the ritual.

>They add to the skill you use in perfoming the exorcism or
>whatever, if that's what you mean.

Yes according to the scenario in the NB NOT according to the example in the rulebook

>HW p. 236: "The usual outcome of the ritual is a bonus to the
>celebrant's target number [sic] for a specific contest..."

>Of course, "target number" should be read as "ability rating" here.

>What might be confusing is that the whole procedure, first the
>ritual boosting of an ability and then the actual use of the ability,
>often is lumped together and referred to as just "the ritual".

Yes I agree that is it confusing, but not in the way you state. The actual statement of the rules make very little mention of what to do with the modifiers, but the example is quite clear, they modify the result of the ritual. The scenario in the NB is also clear in that the modifiers apply to the intial die roll.

As the ritual I wanted to create was for a scenario I was going to run at Convulsion I will scrap the whole idea of doing the ritual 'by the book' and just fudge it. I have better things to do with my time.

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