Re: Defeated Discussion

From: Mikael Raaterova <ginijji_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:24:47 +0200

> > I work from my own version of HW, which is probably an even worse
>> idea in your book?
>Working from your own set of homebrew is a good idea. But basing
>frequent rules calls and interpretations on a set of rules that one
>one else is using is... well... somewhat futile, I think.

My homebrew is based on two years worth of HW experience as a Narrator. I believe myself to have a quite good grasp of the game and core rules. Most of my 'corrections' are for Greg-added un-playtested fluff (ubiquitous masteries, frex), not for core mechanics that has been there since the beginning.

Mostly, i want to show that there are alternate, and better (heh), interpretations of the rules. And, there are instances (withdrawing from a contest, frex) where the rules have gone from Adequate to Hopelessly Confusing.

> > Seriously, i want to make HW an even better game. Thus we need to
>> clarify, tweak or change the official rules when problems arise in
>> playing HW. And i can't let your interpretations of HW stand
>> uncorrected when i see problems with them.
>But if you are not using the same baseline, I fear that you may get
>entirely different rules calls from what everyone else has the rules
>or at least has read the published set.

Diversity of interpretation is good. Had i not been on this list i would have missed a lot of good suggestions. Furthermore, many of the rules in published HW are unclear enough to allow various contradictory interpretations, as witnessed here on the list. So what's that about using the same baseline?

>Particuarly in cases where
>the rules have already been clarified from the ruleset you are using,
>and your interpretation of the rules being 'wrong' is based on a
>ruleset which is not being the published set which is a false
>which has happened here on occasion to a few people, myself included.

But if i spot a rule that is Ungood and post a version that is better and not make any reference to Hoary Old Drafts, just as if i only had access to the published HW and my own creative juices (like everybody else), that would be OK, no?

I feel that, yes, HW is a good game, but there is a lot of room for improvement. And that that which can be improved, should be. HW is a work in progress. Being a yes-man to the Official Rules doesn't exactly help make it any better, now does it?

Mikael Raaterova        [.sig omitted on legal advice]

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