Re: Berserk OTT!! [By the way, what does "OTT" mean ?!?]

From: Christoph Kohring <ChOK_at_...>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 21:58:28 +0200

> Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:26:11 -0000
> From: "Jarec Basham" <jarec_at_...>
> Subject: Re: Berserk OTT!!

> Last night the party were fighting a band of Trollkin and winning
> very easily.

Gee, who would have tought of that ?!! ;o)

> The player, a Humakti, rolled for berserk and failed the
> roll. So he then used a Hero Point to force a success and go Berserk.

That's one way of playing it. Try changing it to where the players have to declare a bump _before_ a roll.

> With two levels of mastery he was routinely getting a critical
> against the Trollkin and gaining AP at a frightening rate. This seems
> to be the case, a successful berserker with mastery gains AP almost
> exponentially, like a sponge for the AP in the combat.

Right, like other proficient Heroes in all kinds of contests when there is a big discrepancy of force... Increase the opposition's power, put the fear of Humakt into their bones !

> He's already killed the leader of the Hidden Gale during a Berserk
> frenzy and they were on the same side at the time.

OK, stuff like that can happen. But who was it that he killed ? Gyffur Ulfsson the chief of the Hidden Gale itself or, say, Saewulf Bjrinjolfsson one of the sample characters & probable leader of one of its smaller raiding parties ?

Let's suppose it was Saewulf. The guy is a valuable member of the Barantaros war clan, he is family,"he is _our_ family !" They will want weregeld for his death, blood-money. What is he worth ? Well, in the Blue Rock clan of the Torkani from which he was outlawed he was a swordthane, a huscarl, a professional warrior loyal to his chief. Now here among the Hidden Gale _war_ clan he is one warrior among many & as he is fairly new (i.e. a beginning HW character) as well as not a member of the previous clan, he qualifies as a carl. And that means a lot of cows...

"No hard feelings, just pay a free man's ransom & everything is forgotten", says Volr Speaks-with-the-Wind the godi. Now, your humakti & his companions are maybe not interested in paying, but can they convince the humakti's household & his clan to risk a feud against the ferocious Hidden Gale warband ? How high is his relationship to his clan ? Maybe he should spend a lot of HPs to raise its target number if he plans on them paying many weregelds... :o)

(Somebody mentioned on one of the lists what is the blood-price of a carl on one of the lists but I can't remember it... It will appear either in Sartar Rising or in Thunder Rebels... hopefully ! Let's cross fingers.)

If it was Gyffur that was killed, even if weregild for a clan chief is paid, there will certainly be "hard feelings" remaining... Your humakti hero will probably get an an "adversary" relationship ability from Gyffur's family. And maybe they are not interested in weregild, perhaps they prefer to start a feud ?

"And here it goes again, two good Heortling clains fighting against each other instead of nurturing their forces to throw of the lunar yoke ! Kallyr, we shall never make it with our unruly countrymen... " Minaryth Purple in one of his few moments of despair.


P.S.: Why didn't your heroes pay for his resurrection ?!? :o) ;o) :o)

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