Re: Berserk OTT!! [By the way, what does "OTT" mean ?!?]

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 03:04:33 -0000

> Concerning Saewulf:
> Yes, that's why I'm not so sure that he qualifies as a thane there,
> though he was probably one among the Torkani.

True. But if he's leading a warband, he's possibly a thane.  

> > weregelds and ransoms are offset by injury and death done to the
> > opposition. Don't you just love vengance based judicial systems?
> Yes I do ! So, what should Saewulf's weregeld be: 10 or 20 cows ?!?

Um, I'd say that his ransom is probably 20 cows.  

> If 1 cow costs 15 according to HW: RiG p. 38, do 10 cows cost 10W7
20 cows
> cost 20W14 ?!?

Its not a direct correlation, I think.

I don't like the way the current wealth system works. However, what WE
use is 1 permanent wealth = 1 cow. And the wealth that a player of decent wealth (15+) is going see is 15 cows over the course a year.

I think you can see how this works. I assume 1 cow = 150 silvers or 100 silvers (depending on mood, season and buyer). So, it means that a group would have to come up with 20 permanent wealth to give over to
pay for the weregeld. It works more or less well for my purposes (which is raiding and trading at the clan level)  

> So do I, so do I... This way humakti aren't so disadvantaged ! :o)
;o) :o)

Other than by being Humakti, which is penalty enough. =)  


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