Re: Unaging heroes

From: Jarec Basham <jarec_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 11:51:39 -0000

> I think that this is not an automatic characteristic of a hero. A
> hero is someone with 3 masteries in a single skill. My guess is
> a hero that wants to cease aging (and many do not) must go on a
> to obtain agelessness

Agreed. In fact I can't think of many instances of Ageless Heroes in Glorantha. Cragspider springs to mind but that is pretty much it, but then she does worship Arachne Solara who is as near to a Goddess of time as it gets. Even the Pharoe aged, he was just reincarnate or whatever. Certainly Heroes might live longer than normal mortals but in most game terms you are unlikely to play long enough for ageing to really be an issue. Certainly in HW Glorantha the 'Hero Wars' themselves will be over and done before your character is likely to die from old age.

I would agree that becoming immortal should carry some sort of personal cost and involve a very protracted Hero Quest that is certainly not common knowledge and would have to be discovered in game.


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