Re: Followers

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:25:50 -0000

> My question still stands, how should these cases be handled in
> play where the follower's relevant rating is higher than the PC's
> relevant relevant rating
> regards,
> Charles

These folks are called bodyguards-for-the-scribe in our group. What happens, at least in our case, is that the followers provide APs AND the skills, but I am possibly being more generous. But that was just a fast and dirty solution to a problem in that a character had good body guards but was a LOUSY fighter. It probably would work better for the followers to be separate from the lousy guy.'

Of course, we could have the 5w Warrior follower provide 25 AP to the 13 Close Combat sage -- he's panicky and the bodyguard is spending more time blocking blows against his patron (who keeps screaming and spouting nonsense) than using his good skill -- in essence the good person is handicapped.

I could go either way on this one. But the latter menthod makes taking
down the Evil Sorcerer Darklord with Goons (tm) much more readily done
than having him let his competent bodyguards work.


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