Re: Followers

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 07:34:33 -0000

> > >How should followers be used in the cases where:
> > >a - They have a rating higher than the player character?
> >
> > That's not a Follower, that's an Ally... in fact, if he's good
> > enough, the PC is HIS Follower !
> Poorly written on my part, I meant where the Followers Close Combat
> is greater than the PC's Close Combat but still 12 less than the
> best skill...

Perfectly well written, actually, I realised my own mistake later. There's nothing wrong or unusual in that. One of the most useful and probable purposes of a follower is to provide the hero with abilities he otherwise lacks (or lacks at a useful level). I have a Uroxi with a Healer follower, and a Spirit Talker with a Chalana Arroy follower (a dead one, but nonetheless loyal :). Either have your follower lend AP as usual (the PC is being rather stubbornly heroic, and fighting on despite his lack of skill, but relying on the follower to back him up), or let the follower act independantly and do the fighting. With multiple followers, you could even have one assigned to follow the other (by rolling the follower's follower's follower rating - erm... yes, that's right :). Independantly acting followers just count as another PC with regard to AP and actions. Now, what I'm NOT sure of is, can the hero act as the follower's follower, and lend AP to HIM in this case? I'd probably allow it, assuming the hero at least HAS the relevant skill.


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