Pantheon Initiation

From: Ian Thomson <arkat_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 15:21:00 +1000

Wulf asked would Pantheon Initiation not be simply worship of Orlanth?

What I was thinking of was that certain cultures could have Pantheon Initiation as a separate thing in terms of magical benefits

Thus the Herotling culture following the Storm Pantheon would 'baptise' all the kiddies into the way of the Storm, and within the Ceremony list all the principal deities this involves

I would not suggest listing ALL deities, just the major ones.

Of course, as IIRC Jane Williams notes in the article on her site on Pantheon worship, Pantheons are different per region

Thus in some parts of Sartar for instance the Storm Pantheon speaks of its aspects in the terms of Orlanth Lawspeaker and Orlanth Farmer rather than L Mhy and Barntar

But this minor difference could easily be overlooked, and a Pantheon Initiate would be able to call on one minor affinity from each major deity

For instance
Orlanth - Slow Fall, Jump Ditch, Second Wind
(possibility that, as the King Deity, Orlanth provides three minor things)
Ernalda - Soothe Injury, Call Mother, Calm Animal
(her to, as joint chief deity)

Healer - Heal Cut
Farmer - Know Crop
Warrior - Strong Arm
Lawspeaker - Aid Memory
Hunter - Know Terrain

Now, all these are pretty weak, and supposed to be.

The child of a culture rich in worship, such as the Sartar Heortlings, would be trained in such things at around age 7. As they are educated about their gods they are told of these minor things that the gods will provide
(in circumstances of necessity - not just for fun).

I would think that some hard and fast rituals are required for becoming a Pantheon Initiate, plus a continuing involvement in the culture and religious activities.

Thus, urban heortlings might easily lapse, and similarly Lunar citizens of cities and towns would not necessarilly be Initiates of the Lunar Pantheon - only those who are properly babtised AND continued to worship regularly and live appropriately would be eligible for the corresponding minor Lunar magics available to their Pantheon Initiates

It seems to me to be a useful mid-point in a magical culture, between not being a worshipper and being one

so there would be four categories
non-worshipper - no magic
Pantheon worshipper - these minor magics as above Actual Cult Initiate - affinities
Devotee - affinites and feats

Hope that makes it clearer

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