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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 08:09:32 -0700

David Boatright wrote (off-list) of the Urvairinus feat "Spit Down Wind"

> >Spitting in hands sounds like an augment, which I hadn't even
> >thought of -- I'd been thinking of this as a ranged magical attack
> >(involving spitting, needless to say).
> Can it not be both I was thinking of using it as an enhancment and
> as a kind of
> Flying Orlanthi air defence system. I thought Urvairinus was the god
> (through subcults) for common soldiers and YT was more for officiers.
> They don't seemed to have anything else that could equate to weapon
> enhancements.

Yes, almost every feat can be used to augment. I certainly see almost everything Urvairinus has being used to augment some ability or other.

Roy wrote:

> Swordhelp:
> Description / basic effects? [I don't have a clue...]

This is a feat that *only* augments. As usual, the player can choose whether he gets a bonus or edge.

Sarah asked

> We just finished ransacking Whiteye's Lair this weekend (again - but first
> time in HW!). I'm sure this is an old, old, statement on this list, but I
> really was stunned at just how difficult it is to get injured in low-level
> games! The very worst any character came off in combat was -15AP, after a
> solidly brilliant critical, etc - but that's only an Injury. Mostly anyone
> 'defeated' in combat was around 0AP to -6AP or so - enough to allow them to
> bounce up refreshed and fully-powered for the next combat.

I always assume that characters have just as many "1 point to the left leg" type injuries as in RuneQuest, the kind that you always heal up right after combat in what is essentially a bookkeeping phase.

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