Re: Gloranthan Reality & Hero Wars

From: Folker Naumann <foggy1_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 20:58:30 +0200

Hi all,

i am just a gloranthan newbie, who maybe looks like a witness of the writing of the Abiding Book at some topics, but let me share a few thoughts of mine about feat descriptions.
I agree that it's very hard to understand some feats, especially if you are neither a native english-speaker nor a glorantha expert (maybe i can become the latter, but never the first). Fortunately our narrator was an expert, so he could tell us what some feats was meant to. First time i liked the missing of descriptions because i know enough systems where everything is covered by rules and charts. Especially if you want to do something crazy, if it fits to the feat's name, why doesn't use it like that? I can't say something about destroying the gloranthan reality. My "reality" is described in IttHW.
But there is at least one thing that worries me too. It's like Roy said:

...Now take the Hero Wars players: "We had a big bow fight with some Aldryami", and the reply is: "Did
you? uh... HOW did you do that exactly?..." Not really the same is it...

Like some said before, now i think that there has to be at least one sentence to describe a feat. An example or common uses would help very much. Finally a question about a feat (perhaps much feats will get described tis way).
What is the 'enchant iron' for? Giving an edge to the weapon, augmenting your combat ability or enchant a weapon while creating it?

Thanks for listening and answering newbie blathering.



But Sartar Rises!

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