Re: Gloranthan Reality & Hero Wars

From: Anthony Utano <Anthony.Utano_at_...>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 02:19:07 -0000

> Martin Laurie or Wesley Quadros said in a previous posting that in
> the Lunar book they are writing, the feats etc. will have similarly
> short names with few if any descriptions. This allows them to put
> more background and myths in a book with a specific word-count. I
> assume that they have done this under the explicit direction of
> and that the Sartar books will be similarly written.

So we end up with reasonable descriptions of the Myths leading to a set of ambigious Feats/Abilities/whatevers. The basic rules of the Hero Wars _rule_ books should be useable after a couple of readings. Narrators should not be required to perform 20 hours of background reading etc into "How can I turn this myth into a set of rules for the
feats/abilities described in the Cult background"

To sell this game to my players I need to come up with a lots of concreate realisations of these Feats/Abiilities.

Idea: How to relate Myths to Player abilites.....

  1. Myths(Actions of God/Hero/Saint) are translated into a set of ambiguous "Abilities" with no real rules attached. sounds familiar :-)
  2. These "Feats" are translated into actions within a consistant set of _rules_, how they are translated depends on Culture, position of character within power structure, etc. If Narrators/players wish to expand these intepretations - fine, but the game should provide the common intepretations that can be used.

Hero Wars gives us (1), a lot of us Narrators don't have the time/enegry to make even a single translation of (2) - this is what we paid good money for !!

(As for combat ........ grump,grump,grump,not happy)


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