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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 13:37:18 -0000

Can you wear Blessed Woad in the wilds of Snakepipe Hollow during Sea Season? What's the difference. "Armour of Woad" is not meant to be a direct word for word replacement for "Bless Woad", but to be a way of representing the same effect (Orlanthi Warriors wearing their warpaint for protection from phyical harm).

> > > The woad must be smeared over the naked body of the user. A
> > >of the spell enchants enough woad to coat one man.
> >
> > I'd assume this anyway, to be honest. I don't think Orlanthi
> > feats are used to augment the whole fyrd...
> would you. and if someone didn't have your insight to know this
would they
> be stupid?

Of course not. (If they continued to argue when I'd told them they might be ;)) If they want to have one character augment the entire party with Armour of Woad, and their GM lets them, that's no skin of my nose. If I'm their GM, I'd explain the Feat is (IMO and IMG) an individual enhancement, If they can't accept this and so refuse to play in my game anymore, I don't suppose I'll miss them...

> > It has been suggested before that Armour of Woad should state
that the
> > wearer should be naked... I will conceed this is possibly true
> BUT, it's not said, so we lose the culture identity of Glorantha...
cue the
> cheese sandwiches...

You're very keen on cheese sandwiches! I don't think we loose an awful lot if some peoples tribesmen are running around in Woad and kilts. Woad and Platemail is a different matter, obviously....

> > > Once a pot of woad is enchanted, additional castings of Bless
> > > will not enhance its enchantment. As long as its pot is kept
> > > blessed woad never spoils.
> >
> > So, basically the feat can be performed at any time...
> No. *Only* if you have a sealed pot of woad, where did you get the

Housekeeping (boring)! I suspect the RQ restrictions were in place to stop PC's learning the spell ASAP and then going into the Magic Woad producing business. HW gets around this problem in other ways so no longer needs the description.

> you just rub together some woad plants and smear it on?

Would it be terrible if you could? If you hadn't read RoC, so didn't think that "Armour of Woad" had to be the same as "Bless Woad", would it give you the desired effect (Blue painted Orlanthi warriors...)

As a GM, doesn't the chance to reward players creative thinking (by allowing them to find the woad plants) and penalise them for lack of planning (by giving them a penalty for not having prepared the warpaint according to the proper rituals) appeal to you?

> >
> > Sorry, it is to me. "Armour" = "That stuff that protects you in
> > "Woad" = "Blue War Paint" therefore "Armour of Woad" = "Blue War
> > worn to protect you in Combat", I don't really see any other
> > way of reading this...
> >
> > >You see, to me, both of the above examples are rubbish
> >
> > We agree on some things then...
> yes, but I think once I try to clarify my point (I thought it was
clear, but
> I was wrong, much in the same way that many magical effect are not
clear I
> guess...), you will want to disagree with me. My point is that it's
> clear that the above examples are NOT good, they are deliberately
> examples, BUT, a person who knows nothing about Glorantha would NOT
> stupid for coming up with them IMO (to you, would he be an ass?),
> he/she does not have a point of reference to know that things are
not meant
> to be this way, and someone without knowledge of Glorantha could
> interpret things in these silly ways.

Neither Armour nor Woad are specific to Glorantha. I knew what both these things were long before I started playing RPG's - indeed before anyone started playing RPG's!

> > They don't say what I would be using my Chainmail, Large Shield,
> > and Broadsword for either, but fortunately, I was able to work it
> um... that's because these are things you can look up in the English
> dictionary!!! where is the English dictionary entry for 'Sunset
Leap' or
> 'Armo(u)r of Woad' (capitilisation as in rules intended)

I'm sure the words "sunset", "leap", "armour" and "woad" are all in the dictionary (I don't have one on me) (even if woad isn't in my spell checker). No one denies "sunset leap" is ambiguous, but I don't know anyone else who can't make sense of "armour of woad".

> > "I'll send the Chain Mail to all my friends so they come to help
me, and
> > hide behind my Broad sword (I can do that because it is broad...)"
> uh... funny. Those items are described in The English Dictionary
(most local
> bookshops in UK/US should be able to supply you with one). Missed
the point
> again I think...

No, I think you did. Broadsword no more means a sword broad enough to hide behind than woad means pickle. If your dictionary does not mention woad it's time to get a new dictionary!

>What would a magical effect called Chain Mail do in
> general?

No Idea. Magical effects don't do anything in general, they do things in affinities. Combat (chainmail) or protection (chain mail) would give some sort of magial praotection analogous with a coat of armour made of interlinked rings of metal. Communication(chainmail) would be a way of communicating with a group where you get many more replies than you send out....

> ie. Bagog : Movement (Chain Mail), does what? Please tell me?

Not a clue. I don't see any definition of Chain Mail having a link to movement, nor can I recall any connection with Bagog (Plate, surely for Scorpionmen?) However vague you think the Herowars feats are, you can't prove it by making up random feats of your own like this.

> > Remember, the game (every game) is what you make it. Try playing
> > Wars as Hero Wars rather than complaining because it isn't
> I didn't complain that it wasn't RuneQuest. Period. Please don't
make things
> up.

Yet you seem to be complaining because "Armour of Woad" does not appear to work the same way that "Bless Woad" did. but it's not the mechanics that matter (and in this I include the mechanics of needing to be made on the High Holy Day and stored in a sealed pot until used).

Don't approach the game by saying "If this was RQ I'd...." because it isn't RQ.

Try reading Cults of Prax sometime and you'll see what I mean. The rules
> were partly irrelevant. What WAS relevant were things like the
cultural whys
> of Orlanthi / Lunar hatred and the cultural significance that a
Herd Mother
> held to all Praxians etc.

But the short form cult write ups presented in HW are not the equivalent of Cults of Prax, they are the equivalent of the short write ups in Gods of Glorantha. Generally, I thought CoP/CoT were better than GoG (altough it did have it's good parts). I'm hoping that Thunder Rebels,Sartar Rising and She Guards us give us that connection with the culture (but not necessarily rules for enchanting pots of woad)

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