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Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 13:38:54 -0400

> Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 09:43:17 +0100
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> Subject: Re: Re: Gloranthan Reality & Hero Wars
> Steve Dempsey:
> >One of my players has 'Miraculous
> >recovory from injury' on his sheet.
> There are two ways to handle this ability: disallow it, or ignore the word
> "miraculous". Ability names shouldn't have "magnitude" qualifiers, the
> magnitude is in the rating. If he has 10W3, then it is "miraculous". If he
> has 10W1, it's merely "surprising". It should be used to make Final Actions
> in group extended contests, but as it's a specific ability that is not much
> use for anything else, I might let it allow a final action in a one-on-one
> Extended Contest as well. I'd also allow the player to use it to augment a
> healer's healing ability, and maybe use it as a healing ability to remove
> wounds once the combat is over. I really don't see the problem.
> Philip Hibbs

Why disallow.... Give it to him.... For Role-play reasons.

This is basically saying that unlike most people, he get tends to get hurt a lot.
But he keeps on going.

So his name is Harrak Always Wounded. Every skirmish he's going to get hurt.
It tends not to be disabling, at least for him. Just make the fight descriptions bloodier. For him.. AP loss _is_ injury. The crowds love him.

And well, in his case, you have an free target when you need someone hurt.
I.e., Sorcerers come visiting, wanting some information, when you don't give
it to them, there is a NEEM! * and someone... well... him, gets turned into a
crispy pillar. I'm sure the sorcerers get bushwhacked then... but when the
party turn back to this pile of soot... there is a groan.

So use the skill as a role-play thing... It doesn't change the actual game
results too much. At least until he buffs that skill up to the 10w3 level.

So a 17 'Miraculous recovery from injury' lets you survive nasty orlanthi
skirmish wounds. a 10w3 'Miraculous recovery from injury' let you: What,
you killed the dragon from the inside? Stand and take our adulation.... downwind please. So the actual game rules make it be a more specialized version of tough. With maybe slightly different rules application. But that's
part of the fun.

BTW, I seem to recall from the rules you can use any appropriate ability to augment healing. Tough qualities, Therefore MRfI certainly does.

So have Peter Hemophiliac Never Hit. Sure his combat descriptions has him
bounce off three chars, 2 players, and a tree in order to avoid that Uz's
club. But you only describe him as whacked when there he's flat, at the bottom of a crater caused by giant's club. (Resurrection please!)

Of course, the choice of allowing characters this sort of colour is part of Your Glorantha May Vary.

And... considering the magic items you can buy with your starting points...
Funky weird stuff is nifty. At long as you make it match the games power level, and suit everyone's version of fun.

Steven White
* He's lucky I'm not as nasty as the spell checker. You don't want to know what it recommended.

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