Re: some skills questions

From: Charles Corrigan <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 17:32:35 -0000

Its implied in the Character Development Costs table but not, to my memory, explicit in the rules. See
"Learn a new weapon or fighting technique, or a subset of an ability at the current ability rating"

If you (and your GM) want relatively fast development without handing out Hero Points like confetti then this is one way to go.

There is an implication here that the more sub-abilities, the more of an improvisation modifier there should be on the use of the main skill whereas I would suggest that it's irrelevant how many subskills  there are. Whenever a more appropriate sub-skill is used, it should have a smaller improv mod than just using the main skill.

This also comes down to how ready the GM and players are to calculate and/or accept heavy improvisation modifiers on the fly.


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