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>it seems like there are an awful lot of really long threads on how
>to resolve fairly straightforward tasks (archery, in the latest

For the record, I don't know how to make horse archery other than boring in RuneQuest, either.

Argh, I'm drawn back into that infamous feat debate by Benedict:

>Firstly, the term 'Sunset Leap' does impose *some* structure and
>limit on creativity: the feat must have something to do with sunsets
>and leaping.

If it were the Salmon Leap feat (a feat from Celtic sagas), would it have to have anything to do with salmon? I don't believe so, but rather it would allow jumping vertically. It's jumping *like* a salmon.

I don't think that the Sunset Leap really has anything to do with sunsets, but it allows horizontal jumps (with similar logic -- toward sunset is not towards the noon sun). I think people are reading more into it than is required, and it's just a name. Any more than the "Enhance Gustbran" spell from RQ3 actually did anything to the god Gustbran.

But as in Doyle's example, it's not necessarily wrong for your game to require a connection with sunset (chronological or directional).

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