Re: Thunderstone

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Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 13:29:30 -0000

But I was *told* by Tim Ellis just the other day that I am not allowed to make up feats! and now you are telling me that you are making up feats for different clans. You two should have a chat. You tellin' me one thing i'm not allowed to do and him tellin me the opposite and both ag'in me! (as I'd say in Scotland).

ok. i was being sarcastic, but the POINT is this. It relates to the rules discussion because when a new player reads the rules and scratches their head, they will ask the question, again, and again, and again... until it's just written down somewhere "a Sunset Leap is a <blah de blah>, and a Broo is <rump-te-tee>" I think the Gloranthan term 'Broo' has now been covered by Anaxial's Roster, so nobody need ask THAT particular question again...

on the RuneQuest portrayal, just STOP IT ok. I never said "RQ is better", so please stop putting words in my mouth! It's funny that you bring up that particular example which was a specific favourite of our group many years ago when someone (I think in White Dwarf) did a statistical analysis of 2x 1000 troop armies facing each other and the results were farcical. We laughed about that. We still do. I think that HW gets around all the problems of having mechanics defining everything which inevitably lead to stupid situations like this, but saying what a broo or a Sunset Leap or a Thunderstone is has got NOTHING to do with the mechanics! Stop with the RuneQuest MECHANICS thing already!

Of course a statement like "Orlanth warriors all across Glorantha all have these four strictly defined abilities: ...." would be stupid. Did *I* suggest that? No (word-in-mouth-disease yet again). I agree that would be silly, but giving GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS of what an Orlanthi warrior could be like then gives a Narrator a good basis to develop his own campaign. And guess what, the rule book covers that!!!

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