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From: Richard Addy <rmaddy_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:19:03 -0400

On 9 Aug 00, at 22:31, Guy Hoyle wrote:


> > I want details. I want Glorantha to feel real. I want my gamers to
> >feel the hot sand in their sandals and worry about their bronze sword
> >getting dull. I don't want Xena vs. Batmat cinematics in gloriously
> >vague dreamcolor.
> Then don't run it that way! HW is a game that depends utterly upon the
> Narrator to bring it to life. It's a set of tools for you to use, not
> a straitjacket. Don't worry about the type of Glorantha in everybody
> else's game, worry about your own True Glorantha.

This, unfortunately, leaves me out of HW's target audience. HW -is- liberating, but that liberation comes at a cost. It requires a lot of work out of the GM (especially if you want consistency), which is fine, but I don't have -that- kind of time for rpg's anymore. Not for determining how the rules should work, anyway.


> >
> >Then we just make up our own views on his magic. I don't see that the
> >current trend is giving us much more than that. The details we have
> >are all from the RQ stuff.
> Actually, I know more about Glorantha as a whole from HW than I did
> from all of RuneQuest 1st and 2nd editions, and there are more details
> in the first 3 books than there ever was in the RQ3 boxed set.

That's misleading - the RQ3 boxed set was meant to be pretty generic and non-Gloranthan based. it had that itty-bitty Gloranthan booklet, but that was it - I think AH was really hoping that RQ was going to be used primarily in a pseudo-historical setting. Anyway, for a fair comparison. the 3rd HW book wasn't part of the HW boxed set.

I must say, I really, really like the Genertela boxed set - nice maps, lots of place names, some personalites to scatter about ... between it and the HW's Glorantha book, I feel I have a good overview of the world.



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