RE: Re: Spit Down Wind

From: Dave Bailey <dave.bailey_at_...>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 11:24:37 +0100

        [Dave Bailey] Wulf asks

> Nope, quite the opposite. I was trying to get AWAY from mechanics and
> look for some more 'in character' descriptions of Feats. Not what
> they MEAN again, but what they do, what they look like. Does a
> Yinkini always bite the back of your neck using 'Paralyzing Bite'?
> How does a Vingan get UP to the treetop to use 'Run Across Treetops'?
> Do you need phlegm to use 'Spit Down Wind'?

        [Dave Bailey] Could this be a function of the failure, if my Spit Down Wind didn't work it could be because I had a dry mouth, or bit the shoulder or couldn't get up the tree.......


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