FEAT:Go Without Sleep

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 00:36:42 +0100

Go Without Sleep is a Babeester Gor feat from the Vigilance affinity.

I think this fear is unusual in that it is normally just a simple roll, rather than a simple or extended contest. In a situation where the Babeester Gor cultist wants to stay awake then make a simple roll

Critical - Character is not only awake, but is alert and vigilant. Apply a bonus to appropriate rolls
Success - Character does not feel tired
Failure - Character is tired - may still act but at a penalty Fumble - Character is so tired that she falls asleep.

I would apply a cumulative penalty of +1 per day for every day the character used this feat without any sleep (+1 First day, +3 next day, then +6, +10, +15, +21 etc.). If the character was getting some sleep in between I would reduce the penalty.

Alternatively, If the character had been involved in strenuous activity, or gone long periods without sleep immediately prior to using the feat, then assign a rating for "tiredness" and use a simple contest.

I would only imagine using "Go Without Sleep" in an extended contest to resist some form of Sleep Spell (e.g. the Chalana Arroy "Sleep" feat). I would also allow it's use (possibly at a penalty) against the effects of a Knock-out drug or poison.


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