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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 05:54:04 -0400 (EDT)

Mikko :

>It's good. But the detail is not much on the level that one actually
>needs to run a game. RQ-2 was much more ready to play right out of the
>box than HW still is, after 3 books.

That depends very much on taste. I'm currently in a HW game being run by someone who has never run RQ. He played HW once at Convulsion, bought the box and is now running a game set in and arround Yuthuppa. He doesn't like, and would never run RQ because it's far too complicated.

Apparently the moment of revelation for him (Steve Dempsey) was Greg's 'Fuck the Numbers' remark.

So for some people, HW is vastly easier to run streight out of the box than RQ. I'm looking forward to thursday night, as I missed the session last week.

OTOH I fully understand that it doesn't work for you, however I now know of four people who were extremely dubious of HW before Convulsion, had only vague knowledge of Glorantha before hand, but are now in a regular HW game and are loving it.

In RQ, you realy needed to know a lot about Glorantha to get into the game, but HW is much more open. This means you can dip into the Gloranthan background as deeply or as shallowly as you choose. It's my conciet that Glorantha is a strong enough background to draw people in more deeply than they might initialy intend or expect.

Simon Hibbs

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