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From: Bruce Ferrie <bruce_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 21:27:33 +0100

On Monday, August 14, 2000 6:46 PM, Hannu Kokko [SMTP:Hannu.Kokko_at_...] wrote:

> We had no problems at Convulsion. Our GM was excellent (Bruce Ferrie) and
> really made the game glow (presentation). Gamesystem worked for us, there
> were also newcomers to the system (I think). There was also lots of room for
> roleplaying and using our abilities in imaginative ways. I think that the
> system was easy to use and our gaming reflected our characters and the story
> more than it would have in for example RQ.

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, Hannu. It wouldn't have been fun, though, without a group of players who really threw themselves into the game and played their characters brilliantly. I think that game was the most fun I've had running HW.

In my experience so far, HW has been incredibly easy to explain to newcomers. I've GM'ed it with 5 different sets of players now. It's got to the point now where it only takes about 10 minutes or so to explain the basics of Simple and Extended Contests and Augmentation to a group. The trick is to demonstrate it rather than describe it. Most people have been very sceptical about Extended Contests and Action Points until they actually try it out. So far, everyone I've played with has loved it. Including a RQ2 grognard whose initial reaction to HW was "yuk!".

Glorantha newbies really take to it, too. Most of the people I've played HW with have been new to Glorantha and they've loved the flexibility and freedom that not having all the magical feats tied down to a particular description gives you.

And the colourful Abilities that they've designed into their characters have been a source of joy to me.

Thanks again, Hannu. I still think the players made the game work. :)



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