RE: Re: Gloranthan magic

From: Jeff Johnson <jsjohnso_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 00:12:30 -0700

>> The things I want to know aren't rules at all. They're the things I
>> thought this damn game was supposed to be about - the "dramatic realism
>> a magical world".
> Yes, but the important word here is "dramatic" not "realism".

For me, the important words are "magical world". Which HW doe not really describe. It apparently describes just evocative words from which everyone is somehow supposed to automatically understand what Gloranthan magic is.

If you want a rules-light roleplaying game based on dramatic principles, get Theatrix. It at least is up front about what it's goals are, and then sets out to accomplish them.

Hero Wars seems determined to hide its purposes.

> ...but your arguing with the rules for Theism....

No, I'm arguing about all the magic 'rules', using theism as the example because it had already come up as a topic of conversation. There's no description of any magical powers, regardless of what tradition they're from.

>> What I would really like is an essay on Gloranthan magic.
> In the "Do-it-yourself" spirit of the game, I'd suggest rather than
> complain because there isn't one, you write one (or a proto-one) of
> your own and post it here.

As advice or argument goes, that's useless. The reason I bought the game in the first place was because I wanted a description of how Gloranthan magic works, because I didn't understand it well enough to make it up myself.

Jeff Johnson

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