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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 10:20:58 +0100

> From: "Jeff Johnson" <jsjohnso_at_...>
>Subject: RE: Re: "Sufficient" detail
>> Or, to put it more seriously, the rules model literary
>> conceits. They do not simulate reality and are not detectable
>> or measurable in the world of Glorantha.
>This utterly baffles me.
>This statement is what I thought Greg felt was wrong with previous rules
>(especially the aborted RQ4).
>I thought Hero Wars was deliberately designed so that what rules it has
>(with minimal numbers to support gaming) are in line with how Glorantha

I think they are in line with the spirit of Glorantha. No rule set can simulate either real or fantasy world physics.

>Sure, real, Gloranthan people don't know what their score in some ability
>is, but I thought Gloranthan terms like feats and affinities were used by
>lozenge people, not just players.

I think they use runic names and feat names, though not necessarily the same feat names. IMG feat names vary from clan to clan (and possibly hero to hero).

>I now don't understand anything about the way Hero Wars was written; it
>seems to have utterly failed in every single one of what I understood were
>its supposed goals, or to not have been trying to achieve them after all.

I'd have to disagree. I'd also add that it has produced some excellent game sessions for my group (and others), so be prepared to give it a go. We found it took three sessions to take off (would have been quicker, but I foolishly ran The Hound Tower first).


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