Aspects of Orlanth

From: Folker Naumann <foggy1_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 09:39:20 +0200

After our last session one of my friends wanted to become a devotee of Orlanth. At this time we noticed that neither the Farmer nor the Lawspeaker are fully described. Because of he's the owner of the stead, we are especially interested in Orlanth's farming aspect. I read the discussion about the difference between Orlanth the Farmer and Barntar, but there was nothing said about their feats. Will they (and Orlanth the Lawspeaker) be described in Thunder Rebels or do we have to work them out on our own? If the latter is true, what feats do you suggest? Raise your hand for Sunset Plowing ;-)



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