RE Anaxial in the UK

From: Nick Hollingsworth <nick.hollingsworth_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:25:08 +0100

Wulf Corbett:
> Can someone ... quosh the rumour ... that Anaxial won't be available
> in the UK until ... a second printing.

Waylands forge confirmed delivery today (wed) in their release letter:

> ISS 1103 Anaxial's Roster

> Hero Wars Supplement. This bestiary for the mythic
> world of GLorantha covers over 150 entries from the
> dragonewts Fierce bird Steeds to wild Animals to
> the terrible monsters that inhabit the otherworlds.

Last week they got copies of Ye Book Of Tentacles 3 and assorted Tradetalks including #5.
They do a e-mail list of new arrivals on a weekly basis which includes the Issaries stuff.

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